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Drain Cleaning And Maintenance: A Guide On What To Expect

A home drainage system is an intricate system of pipes and fittings that are connected together for removing solid waste as well as waste water out of your home. This complicated system also provides a proper seal to putoff sewer gases from entering your living space. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining your home drain system is extremely important in order to ensure its optimal functioning in the long run.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your drain and sewer system will not only prevent the clogs from building up but also lessen your chances of having a plumbing crisis. There are numerous ways in which you can ensure the upkeep of your home drain and sewer system, but the best and the easiest way is to practice regular drain cleaning and maintenance.

If you’re facing problems with cleaning your drainage system, you can consider taking the help of professional and skilled plumbers near me, and keep your home drain and sewer system healthy.

Here, we have gathered everything that you need to know to keep your home drain system healthy, and in a proper working state. You can go through the points listed below, and learn more about drain cleaning and sewer line maintenance.

  1. Never Put These Things Down Your Drain

Although the list is not too long, it’s still important. There are certain things that you must never put down your home drain. The very first thing includes thick liquids like fats, oils, and grease. Make sure you never pour these liquids in your drain because, as they cool, they turn into solid matter, and cling to the inner walls of drain pipes, thereby clogging the drain system. Besides this, there are many other things that you should avoid putting down your drains, such as eggshells, coffee grounds, goldfish, unused medications, etc.

  1. Be Acquainted With The Best Ways To Clean Your Home Drain

A lot of people think that liquid drain cleaners are a great way to clean their home drain system. However, the fact is that besides eating away the clogs within the pipes, these chemical liquid drain cleaners also cause an impact on your drain pipes. This is why cleaning your drain pipes with liquid drain cleaners is not always a good idea. So, in order to maintain your home drain system, you can try different lower-impact ways of cleaning and clearing your drains.

  • Pour very hot water down your household drain in large amounts, and follow it up with some cold water to flush out the clogs within the pipes.
  • You can also use vinegar and baking soda to treat your home drains once in every month. All you need to do is to dispense half-a-cup of baking soda, and chase it with one small cup of vinegar. Make sure you let it sit overnight by plugging the sink. Now, flush your drains with hot water in the morning.

Well, if you have any more questions about cleaning or maintaining your home drains, or you need to talk to an expert about fixing a troubling household drain clog, you can consider calling Holman Plumbing at 707-495-5002, and we’ll be there for you.

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