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Plumbing Inspection Guide for New Homeowners

One of the most important things to consider when buying a home is the plumbing system’s condition. Failing plumbing can make your life difficult. Plumbing issues can keep you awake at night. If a problem snowballs into a major concern, you will end up spending a ton of money on expensive repairs.

Before buying a new home, have your plumbing contractor in Santa Rosa inspect the plumbing system.Your plumbing contractor will alert you to potential plumbing issues and help avoid nasty surprises.

Here are some common fixtures and plumbing parts plumbing contractors look at when performing a pre-purchase plumbing inspection.


If you are purchasing an old home, the previous owner may not have replaced the piping in a while. Find out how old the pipes are and the material they are made of. If the plumbing system has galvanized pipes, older brass or bronze fittings, or lead pipes, have the water tested.


Make sure all the toilets in the home are securely placed, and there are no leakage or drainage issues. A leaky toilet is a recipe for disaster and could damage your flooring. Check whether the flappers are leaking.

Main Sewer Line

Check with your contractor whether they offer video inspection services. Video inspection involves lowering a small camera into the sewer line or drain to find leaks, clogs, and any other issues.

Water Meter

To check the water meter, your plumber will shut off all the faucets. If the water meter is still running while the faucets are turned off, you could have a leak.

Septic System

If the home is not connected to a municipal plumbing system, have your plumber check the entire system. An overflowing septic tank is an average homeowner’s worst nightmare and can lead to seepage and pose health hazards.

Water Heater

A water heater inspection can reveal problems such as corrosion and/or leaks. If the heater is older than ten years, you may need a replacement.

In addition to inspecting these fixtures and parts, your plumbing contractor in Santa Rosa must check the water pressure and look for signs of an underlying problem in the waterline. Slow drainage could indicate a serious blockage further down the line.

If the water is discolored, your contractor will check the plumbing throughout the home to determine the root cause.

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