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Preparing Your Home and Plumbing for a Rainy Season

There is much to like about the rainy season. The soothing and alluring music created when raindrops fall on the ground is food for the soul. The rainy season adds scenic beauty to the environment, giving a new life to the earth. The wet season, however, can bring major challenges for homeowners. Incessant rains can cause plumbing problems such as drain clogs, sewer flooding, and water blockage. To steer clear of these problems, you need to show your plumbing some love. Here are some tips to get your plumbing in prime shape before the rainy season arrives at your doorstep.

Inspect Your Gutters

Your gutters are an integral part of your home’s drainage system. Gutters collect water from the roof and direct it away from the house to prevent damage. Clogged gutters are unable to perform this function. A gutter clogged with debris and plant matter is not just ineffective, but can also cause serious damage to the downspout.

To steer clear of disasters that a clogged gutter can cause, inspect and clean your gutters before the arrival of the rainy season. Snake roof drains, and check for and repair existing damages.

Install a Backwater Check Valve

The best plumbers in Santa Rosa recommend getting a backwater check valve installed before the rainy season. A backwater check valve or sewer back flow valve is designed to ensure that water and sewage flow in the direction opposite to your property. It prevents water from travelling inside the house through municipal sewer lines. If your home is connected to the municipality’s sewer system, a backwater check valve will prevent it from flooding.

Opt for Sewer Traps

Sewer traps are designed to prevent one of the most common plumbing issues in the rainy season – back drifting. A sewer trap prevents clogs and blockages from forcing noxious gases into a building. They are available in several shapes including S, Q, U, and J. If you already have sewer traps, check and tighten their trap plugs. Replace worn plugs with new ones.

Check Your Home’s Internal Plumbing

You need to stay on top of your plumbing maintenance to avoid plumbing nightmares. Inspect your plumbing for cracks or wear in pipes and other plumbing parts. Fix leaks and cracks as soon as you spot them. Prevent clogs in your drain by cleaning them regularly. Make sure shower faucets are in working condition. If your property has a basement, make sure the sump pit and under-floor drainage system is working properly. If you have high water pressure in your home, install a pressure regulator to reduce it to a safe level.

The rainy season can bring several plumbing challenges for homeowners. A leaking pipe or a malfunctioning faucet can strike dread into the heart of even experienced homeowners. No matter how complex your plumbing nightmare, experts at Holman Plumbing will have a solution. We are regarded as one of the best plumbers in Santa Rosa. We love what we do. The realization that we are helping improve the quality of life of our community members keeps us going. To talk to a plumbing expert, call us at 707-495-5002.

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