Certified Backflow Testing and Backflow Prevention Services in Santa Rosa, CA

Backflow prevention is crucial to maintaining safe drinking water. Holman Plumbing provides professional backflow testing and backflow prevention solutions for customers throughout the Santa Rosa, CA area. Call today for immediate service.

What Causes Backflow and Does Your Santa Rosa Home Need a Backflow Prevention System?

Backflow is caused by cross connections between your potable water supply and wastewater. If there is no backflow prevention assembly to prevent the cross connection, contaminated water will flow in reverse and mix with the clean water supply.

Two of the main causes of backflow involve backsiphonage and backpressure. Backsiphonage can occur when a fire hydrant is opened illegally or if the city’s main water line is damaged. Backpressure is the result of an imbalance in pressure between your plumbing system and the municipal line.

Commercial facilities in the Santa Rosa, CA area need a backflow prevention system to remain compliant with local requirements. Residential properties are typically required to have backflow prevention in place if they feature an irrigation system, yard hydrant, or a well.

Contact our experts for backflow installation, testing, and repair in Santa Rosa. Our certified testers and backflow prevention professionals will make sure your home or business continues to meet local regulations.

Holman Plumbing Has All of Your Backflow Testing and Backflow Prevention Needs in Santa Rosa Covered

We know how important it is to have an efficient backflow prevention system in place to ensure the safety of your drinking water and the safety of our community’s water supply. You can rely on our experts to provide you with quality solutions and timely service.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment with our certified backflow prevention specialists in Santa Rosa, CA or the surrounding area. 

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