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Demystifying Power Flushing Myths

Before starting your search for the best plumbers in Santa Rosa, you might want to learn about some common plumbing myths. If your house has a central heating system, you probably understand the importance of power flushing. It is one of the best ways of getting rid of blocks and sludge. But most household owners aren’t sure of this particular power flushing feature.

As a result, whenever they call a plumber, the chances of over-expense starts getting higher. In many cases, plumbers convince the house owners that power flushing is a paid service. However, that’s not the case. You might not need to that for that service.

Similar to the example mentioned above, there are other power flushing myths that are required to be busted. Let’s check out our list:

1. Power Flushing Pump Pressure Might Damage the Boiler

This is the biggest lie of all! The internal workings of a boiler are tested to withstand pressure until 4.5 bar, and the maximum pressure in a power flushing pump hardly ever exceeds 2 bar. Therefore, your boiler is safe.

2. Power Flushing Causes a Leak in the Heating System

This happens to be one of the most widely accepted myths. In reality, this feat is nearly impossible. This is mainly because power flush systems are designed in such a way that they can produce a maximum pressure of more or less 2 bars.

Power flushing is made effective due to high flow rate, not because of high pressure. Sometimes, the excessive flow rate might lead to dislodging of the scab, which in turn leads to a leak. More corrosion might result in a leak even without the use of power flush.

3. Microbore Systems Cannot be Flushed

Nothing can be more incorrect information than this one! You can simply power flush any microbore system. However, we recommend you provide more time for microbores to flush than the average time you generally allow for normal scenarios.

If the radiators possess twin entry valves, the best way to combat the problem is to change them to conventional radiator valves. This will make power flushing more effective. This would also help your household to gain even heat output.

After reading this article, we believe you have started disbelieving the common myths. Our aim is to help you understand the functioning of a power flush. If you need any plumbing assistance, simply call Holman Plumbing.

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