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Hazards of Taking the DIY Route for Water Heater Repairing

During winter, your water heater becomes your lifeline. As water heaters are used extensively during winter, it is obvious for them to develop technical and other issues resulting in malfunctions. To get rid of their heater repair woes, many homeowners prefer taking the DIY route over consulting a water heater repair expert in Sonoma County. While the decision to take matters into your hands can help you save a few dollars in the short run, there are good chances of you committing mistakes that can result in more serious repair issues. If this happens, you may end up spending a higher amount than was originally required to fix the problem. Water heaters consist of various parts. Only an expert understands the functioning of these parts, and the nature and extent of the problems plaguing them. You won’t even let the idea of getting your hands dirty cross your mind after learning about the potential hazards of DIY repair.

1. Electrical Hazards

Water heaters use high voltage systems. More often than not, the need for heater repair is a result of these systems going awry. Trying to maintain or replace these systems yourself would not only expose you to the risk of getting electrocuted, but will also jeopardize the safety of people around you. One wrong step can result in a fire breaking out. Components in water heaters are interconnected. Damage to one component can have a ripple effect. To stay safe, and to avoid expensive repairs, consult an expert.

2. Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Water heaters use hazardous chemicals to heat water. Handling these toxic chemicals improperly can have grave consequences. A wrong step can release these chemicals into the environment. Inhaling chemical-laden air can result in breathing problems and asphyxiation. To steer clear of this risk, look for an EPA certified repair professional.

3.Explosion Risks

Handling a gas water heater by yourself is a bad idea, to say the least. A wrong step can release gases at an incredibly high rate propelling the heater at up to 330 mph. A large water heater traveling at that speed can do more damage than you could imagine. In worst-case scenarios, explosions resulting from improper handling can cause irreversible damage to the foundation of the building.

Taking the DIY route to get rid of water heater repair issues can do worse than good. Stay safe! Give experts at Holman Plumbing a call and leave it on us to ensure that your nightmare is short-lived. To talk to a heater repair expert in Sonoma County, call at 707-495-5002. To let us know what you think of us, fill out our contact form.

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