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How a Pipefitter Can be Differentiated from a Plumber?

Plumbers in Santa Rosa and pipefitters are both highly trained professionals who have years of training under their belts. While the job titles sound similar, plumbers and pipefitters do not do the same job! Today, we throw light on the similarities as well as the differences between the two of them. Read on to know more!

Plumbers – Let us begin with plumbers. These professionals perform a wide variety of valuable services such as installing repairing pipes. Their portfolio of services also includes fixing water heaters, removing clogs from pipes, repairing garbage disposals, and installing and fixing toilets. Aside from this, plumbers also work with fixtures and pipes related to both waste water disposal systems as well as drinking water systems. They are trained to work in residences as well as plants and other businesses.

Plumbers use different types of tools and equipment in order to perform repairs. One of the most basic tools a plumber uses is a basin wrench that helps loosen and tighten nuts that may be under the sink faucet assembly, and too hard to reach. Another basic equipment used by a plumber is a toilet auger that helps remove clogs from toilet pipes. Other tools include a pipe wrench, cutting pliers, tubing cutters, drain cleaning cables, plungers, flashlight and screwdrivers.

Pipefitters – A pipefitter, unlike a plumber, works with specialized pipes. These pipes are designed to handle high pressure. Many of them may contain acids, chemicals, or even steam. The pipes that pipefitters work with may be a part of a boiler, refrigeration system, or an HVAC system. Most pipefitters work in manufacturing or industrial set-ups that have an elaborate network of pipes. They are taught to read blueprints of buildings so as to easily locate the sections of pipes that may need repair.

A pipe fitter also uses a couple of the tools that a plumber does. Aside from that, he may need other specialized tools for the delicate repair work he performs. Fitter grips, for instance, is one of the most common tools in a pipefitter’s tool box. This allows him to connect the pipes to joints. A pipefitter also uses a cutting torch extensively to cut pipes to various lengths aside from a pipe threader that makes grooves so the pipe can be connected to a coupling. Other tools he may use include saws, pressure gauges, welders, screwdrivers and a flashlight.

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