Residential & Commercial Plumbing FAQs

What is the average life span of a water heater

Manufacturers tell us 10-12 year is what to expect from a standard tank type water heater. 15-20 is what the tankless manufacturers promote. Our experience is that 12-15 years for either tends to be an average age for the units we are seeing fail

I need a new water heater. Should I go tankless?

This largely depends on motivation. If you’re relocating the water heater, remodeling and want more space, or you’ve been running out of hot water, tankless water heating is your best solution. If you’ve always been happy with your tank, and you’re just considering energy saving, the price tag of a tankless conversion might not pencil out to making sense for the sole purpose of energy saving

How often should water heaters be maintained?

Every manufacturer of tank and tankless alike recommend annual maintenance. This is becoming more and more important with the energy efficiency upgrades. Air screens need to be cleaned, burner chambers cleared, and sediment flushed. This is most important in tankless water heaters and is still a vital part of getting an extended life out of any water heater.

I have a small job. Is that worth your time?

Yes! Anything plumbing related that a property owner needs help with us worth our time. Residential, commercial, whole house repipe to a loose toilet handle, we do it all

We had another plumber here and they said we need additional work. Do you provide estimates/second opinions?

Yes! We want to help. If you’re ever feeling pressured or like someone else isn’t communicating clearly, we would be more than happy to come take a look and provide a second opinion on a situation as well as offer a solution of our own so you can be better educated

I have a lot of things I need fixed, but I don’t have the budget right now. Should I just call later?

Call us now. We can come out and make a plan for items that need attention now, things that can wait a short time, and things that can wait for down the road in the future. It’s important to handle certain items as soon as possible if there’s a potential for further damage. Other items can wait, and we are more than happy to help you navigate and prioritize

What do you charge to come out?

We don’t charge anything just to come over. We will come out, look at your system, and provide options for solutions. Based on the necessary work for your solution we will present a price for the total job before we begin work. This eliminates any surprise bills once the work is done and promises that no matter which highly qualified team member we send to your home, that you pay the same price for the same job. Period.

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