Why Hire a Licensed Professional Plumber?

Why Hire a Licensed Professional Plumber?

A plumbing system consists of pipes, valves, tanks, and plumbing fixtures. It brings freshwater in and removes wastewater from the house. There are two rules for keeping your home plumbing system in good working condition:

a) never ignore a plumbing issue, and

b) have your system checked and maintained by a professional at least once every two years.

Whether you want to maintain your system or have a plumbing emergency addressed, hire a licensed plumbing contractor in Santa Rosa for the job. Many states require contractors to be licensed. Here are some compelling reasons to hire a licensed contractor.

Training and Expertise

A plumber has to work as an apprentice, complete a course, and pass an examination to obtain a license. They receive extensive training and study different types of plumbing systems.

A licensed plumber knows local building codes and complies with them. They are equipped with all the necessary skills to meet the plumbing needs of their customers.

Bonded and Insured

A licensed plumber is bonded and insured (a condition for maintaining a valid license). If unfortunately, something goes wrong and a plumbing mishap occurs, your licensed plumbing contractor’s liability insurance should account for damages. A licensed plumber should also carry workman’s compensation insurance.

Background Check

Plumbers must pass an extensive background check before they receive their license. Before you select a plumbing contractor, do your homework. Call the licensing board to verify whether your preferred contractor’s license is valid. Check for outstanding complaints filed with the BBB.

A Licensed Plumber Can Ensure That Your Plumbing Meets Building Code Standards

A plumbing system contains toxic gases and hazardous waste materials. Faulty plumbing is a recipe for disaster and can give rise to several risks. Plumbing codes are designed to ensure plumbing work is done safely. A licensed contractor is trained to ensure compliance with local codes.

A Licensed Plumber Prioritizes Safety

Plumbing work involves various hazards. A licensed contractor is trained to ensure their and their customers’ safety. They are knowledgeable about safety protocols and take various safety measures when dealing with plumbing problems.

You Will Save Time and Money in the Long Run

A plumber has to go through extensive training to earn their license. During their training, they acquire the necessary skills to ensure flawless execution. A licensed plumber is trained to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it, and he saves you money and time by solving the problem once and for all.

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