Why Hire Licensed Water Heater Repairing Service Professionals in Santa Rosa?

Why Hire Licensed Water Heater Repairing Service Professionals in Santa Rosa?

Walking into your bathroom one chilly winter morning to find that your water heater is unable to heat the water can be a frustrating experience. Like many other household devices, water heaters can develop operational and functional problems due to constant wear and tear. If you try handling or repairing a malfunctioning water heater, things can take a turn for the worse, and before you know a minor issue can snowball into a major problem. To avoid costly fixes, consult a repair expert who will perform several tests to get to the root cause of the problem. Still confused whether availing water heater repair services in Santa Rosa is a good idea? To help you, we provide 3 reasons to hire an expert. Take a look.

1. Help avoid safety issues

Taking the DIY route can help you save money, but at what cost? One wrong move, and you can get the ‘shock of your life’. Many water heaters operate off 240-volt power lines. If handled ineffectively, these heaters can deliver lethal shocks. Even malfunctioning non-electric heaters that use gas or propane to heat water, pose a safety risk. If handled improperly, these heaters can leak flammable or toxic gases. A repair expert is aware of these issues. Professionals understand the mechanisms of different types of heaters like the back of their hand and take various steps to ensure the safety of their clients.

2. Help protect and uphold manufacturer’s warranty

Taking the DIY route to fix water heater issues can void the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers require that only experts perform service and maintenance tasks. Additionally, a professional can help identify whether the problem is eligible for a warranty claim. So, the next time your water heater goes haywire, ask yourself whether taking the DIY route is worth the risk.

3. Help keep a tab on energy bills

Are your energy bills off the charts? Your water heater may be to blame. To ensure the nightmare is short-lived, consult an expert. Repair professionals are aware of the specific problems such as leaks and excessive piping line between the heater and outlets that can result in high energy bills. Once the expert pinpoints the root cause of the problem, they will take appropriate measures to ensure your water heater functions the way it is supposed to.

Handling a malfunctioning water heater can be a really bad idea. To ensure the problem does not get out of hand, consult our experts at Holman Plumbing. We offer superior water heater repair services in Santa Rosa. To learn more about us, call at 707-495-5002. Don’t feel like calling? To hear from us, fill out our contact form.

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