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5 Signs that your Water Heater needs Repairing

After waking up in the morning, have you experienced your faucets throwing cold water? Well, you are not alone. Most of us do not know when our water heater is going to fail, unless we are rudely startled by the cold water flowing through the faucet. But, consequences do not go that far, if you understand the clues of a failing water heater and contact professional water heater service provider in Santa Rosa in time.

Rusty Water: Though steel is considered to be one of the strongest materials, it has been identified that it does have a weakness – appearance of rust. When corrosion begins, it eats away the steel thereby, making it weaker. If you see rust flowing through the faucets then it is an indication of leaks. You must also look out for signs of rust on the water tank and pipes and connect with the pro in a right away.

Noise from the Water Heater: Noise from the tank is another tell-tale sign of a water heater that is going to fail. As your heater grows old, you will hear rumbling noises while functioning. This is more prominent in households that consume copious amount of warm or hot water. The noise appears mainly due to the build-up of sediments. Flushing your water tank annually is a good way to ensure its smooth functioning.

Water is Tepid Warm: It’s obvious that hot water is one of the most vital necessities in a home. Without warm water, you cannot take bath under the shower, wash your hands, run your laundry, or do the dishes. If the water flowing through the tap is not warmed up to adequate levels then you may be dealing with an ailing water heater. Your water heater may be malfunctioning and struggling to warm up the water due to improperly adjusted thermostat, or even a broken heating element. Reputed water heater service provider in Santa Rosa will diagnose the problem and fix it for you in a short time

Leaking Water: A water heater that is leaking can cause immense damage to your home. Its growth over a time leads to appearance of mold in your home. It is therefore important that minor leaks must be repaired as soon as they are detected to stop growth of bigger problems.Once a week, ensure to inspect the area around the water heater.Look closely at all fixtures and pipes around the heater. If you find a leak, clean up the water and check the area to ensure no more water is leaking. Still, if water reappears and you fail to find the leak, connect with an expert to get it fixed.

Hot Water does not Last Long: Do you love showering with hot water first thing in the morning? Does it seem like your water turns cold merely in a few minutes? This could be a sign that your water heater needs repairing. In most cases, a broken element could be the culprit behind this. A professional diagnosis by a reputed water heater repairing service provider can help to handle the situation.

Whether you have a clogged drain, have detected a leak, or need water heater repairing, our friendly plumbers at Holman Plumbing will be ready to help you any time.To know more contact us at 707-495-5002!

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