How Sonoma County Water Heater Repairs Can Help Determine Unit Temperature Setting

How Sonoma County Water Heater Repairs Can Help Determine Unit Temperature Setting

Approximately 18 percent of your Sonoma County home’s energy bill can be attributed to your water heater. And when it’s too high, you will see the effect in your energy bill. Conversely, if the heater is set too low, you won’t get enough water and put yourself at risk of bacteria growth. If you’re having a problem striking a balance with your heater, our team at Holman Plumbing can provide Sonoma County water heater repairs to keep your heater at the EPA recommended 120 degrees.

What Affects Hot Water Temperature Setting?

Surprisingly, your heater’s temperature setting should not be influenced by factors like heating type (electric or gas), what kind of plumbing your home has (PVC, PEX, or copper), or whether you have a tankless hot water heater.

If you have a dishwasher that doesn’t pre-heat the water, you probably want your heater set to 140 degrees. But if you are elderly or have small children, the temperature should be 120 degrees, as children are vulnerable to third-degree burns from water that is around 150 degrees after just 2 seconds.

Other factors include:

  • Owners with a suppressed immune system or respiratory disease (140 degrees recommended)
  • People who live alone (lower temperatures recommended)
  • Large families (higher temperatures are common but more expensive)

In general, if you want to cut down on your bill, you save 3 to 5 percent every 10 degrees your turn down your water tank thermometer. And for anyone undecided on the temperature, 120 degrees is a good baseline. From here, you can increase it in small amounts until you find the perfect temperature.

Hot Water Tank Solutions

If you’re worried about pathogens in your water, you should consider a hot water tank booster to keep your tank’s water at 140 degrees and decrease it before it reaches the tap. For later homes, hot water circulating systems help circulate hot water through the pipes to stop it from cooling down prior to hitting the tap.

For Sonoma County water heater repairs, our team at Holman Plumbing can provide you with a personalized solution for your home. With 24-hour service, our reliable team is available at any time. Contact us today at (707) 595-2062 for more information.

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