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Look to Hire Water Heater Services When Hot Water Takes Too Long to Heat

When it comes to living a busy lifestyle, having hot water when you need it is essential. From doing the dishes to taking a shower, waiting for hot water is a pain. Not only that, it’s a waste of water. At Holman Plumbing, our team’s water heater services in Santa Rosa can help you decrease your heater’s recovery time when it’s taking too long.

What Is Water Heater Recovery Time?

Recovery time refers to the amount of time it takes for your water heater to warm the tank supply after hot water as run out. With various sizes and types of water heaters, recovery times can vary. When it comes to heating time, gas products are twice as fast compared to electric appliances. If you have an electric heater that isn’t working the way you want, you should consider purchasing a gas heater.

Here are some recommendations:

  • 40-gallon heaters for one bathroom or a home with more than two people
  • 50 and 80-gallon heaters for multiple bathroom households

Sink Water Heating

When your sink water temperature isn’t cutting it, you can utilize a four-gallon unit that installs under the sink. This keeps four gallons of water always hot, so you don’t need to use your primary water heater for small amounts of water, like during dishes.

Tankless Heaters

If you’re willing to invest the money, tankless water heaters work fast and as-needed. Not only that, they can be as much as 35 percent more energy efficient than standard water heaters. They also last longer and are smaller, making them best for smaller homes.

Get Water Heater Services in Santa Rosa Today

At the end of the day, water heating recovery time is a complex issue with many factors influences it. With 24-hour service, our team offers reliable and effective water heater services in Santa Rosa. Contact us today at (707) 595-2062 for more information.

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