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How to Prevent Your Tankless Water Heater from Freezing

Having water frozen in your heater is one of the most annoying things one can experience during winters. An ideal water heater is engineered to offer hot water when turned on. But this process is obstructed when the water lines freeze. If you are also experiencing this issue, here are some tips that can prevent your tankless water heater from freezing.

  • Choose a Warm Location – You see, the best prevention is to place your water heater in a warm or heated area. For instance, place your heater on a wall that receives direct sunlight throughout the year. You can also choose a sheltered location in the outdoors for this. Make sure you integrate vent terminations for additional wind resistance.
  • Drain Standing Water –If you have standing water in your heater, and the temperature is dropping down steadily, make sure you drain it completely. Once the water freezes inside the tank, your heater is vulnerable to more severe damages. You should follow this practice if you are away for more than 48 hours at a stretch. However, some advanced heaters have a built-in heating feature that prevents freezing. But, this feature is functional only till the time power is supplied to it.
  • Uninterrupted Power Source – Do you know that your freeze prevention system will operate only on a continuous power supply? So, if your residential area is prone to frequent power cuts, you should find an alternative to supplying regular power to the heater. Battery backups or drain-down solenoids can prove to be useful solutions here.
  • Re-Circulation System – Many advanced water heaters are compatible with the re-circulation system. You can consider mounting one if you reside in colder areas. Interestingly, this system will help in keeping your plumbing system warmer. This will almost eradicate the risk of water freezing in your heater. Connect with the best service providers in water heaters in Santa Rosa CA today to know more about it.
  • Insulation – Have you ever tried the method of insulation to keep your water heating system warm and functional? You can also use this technique on your pipes. This is quite a popular technique adopted by many homeowners. Crawl based and attic based pipes are most vulnerable to freezing. Hire a professional to install fiberglass insulation, polyethylene wrap, or heat tape wrap on your heaters.
  • Operating Plumbing System – You see, running water never freezes. This principle is applied to heaters as well. Keep your plumbing structure active and running. If you are running the risk of freezing waters, put your tap on for a night, and use that water the next day. Make sure you use the valve that is near to the tankless heater.

Having standing water in your heater tank can cause some severe damages to the heating system. And the most significant damage happens when this water expands during freezing weather. Indoor installations are at a lower risk as compared to the outdoor facilities. Connect with us at  Holman Plumbing for employing the best services in the industry. Call us at 707-495-5002 to keep your units warm and functional throughout the year.

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