Preventing Clogged Drain Lines

Preventing Clogged Drain Lines

Having a clogged drain can be an unpleasant experience. Standing water in your sink means you can’t cook or even run a glass of water without creating a mess. There are several things you can do to prevent a drain clog. A few simple steps will keep your drains and pipes running smoothly. Having a plumbing company near you in Santa Rosa is also beneficial.

Don’t Use Your Drains as a Garbage Disposal

Your drains are meant for one thing: to drain water. While it’s inevitable that small amounts of debris will make it down the drain at some point, make a conscious effort to not put things in the drain that don’t belong there. Avoid dumping greasy water down the drain. Use a mesh drain trap to catch any large particles of food that may be stuck to your dishes.

Clean Your Drains/Pipes Often

Clean or flush your drains and pipes often. The best way to do this is to pour boiling hot water down the drain a few times a week. The heat from the water will dissolve any grease that may be lingering within the pipes and will also work to dislodge particles that may have stuck to the side. However, don’t do so with your toilet fixtures, as the porcelain isn’t designed to handle heat and can crack. You can also try a baking soda/vinegar flush to loosen and remove particles. Pour approximately one cup of baking soda down your drain. Follow it with about the same amount of vinegar. Let the mixture stand for about 20 minutes. Turn on the hot water and let it run for a few minutes.

Have Your Drains and Pipes Inspected by a Professional Plumber

One of the best ways to avoid major issues with your drains and plumbing piping is by calling a local Santa Rosa plumbing company for an inspection. If you flush your pipes on a regular basis, you may only need an inspection once a year. If your water runs slowly no matter what you do, it may be beneficial to have the plumber visit more often in case there are problems you aren’t aware of.

When you have problems with your drains and are looking for plumbing companies in the Santa Rosa area, call the professionals at Holman Plumbing. They can inspect all of the drains and pipes in your home. They can flush the system and make sure it’s free of any debris or gunk that will make your drains run slow. Call them today for a quick fix.

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