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Reasons to Consider High Efficiency Water Heaters

Is your water heater nearing the end of its service life or breaks down frequently? It’s time to upgrade to a high-efficiency water heater.

A high-efficiency water heater utilizes a secondary heat exchanger that extracts as much heat energy produced during the combustion process as possible.

A high-efficiency water heater can be powered by electricity, propane, natural gas, or oil. Many manufacturers now offer solar-powered models.

Here are some benefits of high-efficiency water heaters.

Reduced Energy Costs

Heating water accounts for almost 15 percent of an average household’s energy use. A high-efficiency water heater is designed to heat water swiftly and uses 10-50 percent less energy than traditional heaters and can help you save money on your utility bills.

HE heaters are well insulated for maximum energy efficiency. The operational cost of a solar-powered model can be up to 70 percent less than a traditional heater. Though the initial cost of a high-efficiency heater is high, you will save more money on your utility bills in the long run.

Low Maintenance

Manufacturers use advanced technologies to manufacture high-efficiency heaters. They are less prone to breakdowns and malfunctions and need less maintenance than their traditional counterparts.

Many tankless models have a regulated maximum temperature. The manufacturer sets this temperature to eliminate the risk of scalding.

Tax Benefits

Many states offer tax breaks to homeowners for installing high-efficiency water heaters. Energy efficient appliances including HE heaters are tax deductible.

Federal credits for energy efficiency allow homeowners to reclaim part of the acquisition cost on their high-efficiency heater. These tax breaks are provided to encourage homeowners to participate in environmental resource management.

They Benefit the Environment

Want to reduce your carbon footprints? Replace your traditional water heater with a high-efficiency heater.

HE heaters need less energy to operate and emit less greenhouse gases than traditional heaters. Many models are made from recycled parts.

Tankless models use less water. Unlike traditional tank heaters that store water, tankless HE heaters heat water on demand, which helps reduce water consumption. With a HE tankless heater, you will save more money on your water bills in the long run.


A high-efficiency heater has a longer lifespan than traditional heaters. Many manufacturers provide a warranty of 20-25 years on high efficiency systems. The lifespan of a traditional heater, on the other hand, rarely exceeds 10 years.

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